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so-called on immigration reform. marco rubio, saying this is dead on arrival, is it done and baked and ready to be delivered. >> the president is engaging in the leak game, leaks never happen by accident, leaks occur to test out the -- he is playing is better than the republicans are, this is kabuki theater. >> president does not want a bipartisan immigration deal, this is all about getting as much leverage against the republicans. lou: you think he realliments to blow it up? >> he gets more tracked fighting republican on gun control, immigration on whole range of issues than striking a deal. >> this is all about taking the house back, that is all it is about. lou: you get the last word. >> that is the most obvious eplan nation. you have seen president enter this debate at a time it is not helpful for the president to enter this debate, if he wants
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manage to come out of other end. lou: we appreciate the critical judgment, and insight you all bridge thank you very much, monica, steven and hank. >> thank you. lou: the a-team, we thank you for being with us, thank you also to bill paige and folks at gun show in west palm beach over the week, thousands of thousands of people there. i know there is a growing shortage of ammunition in the nation, there is no shortage of buyers. thank you for your hospitality to everyone down there in southed. >> flood, that is it for us tonight, can be us tomorrow, good night from -- be with us tomorrow, good night from new york. neil: frigid, now livid. middle of deep freeze in 32 straight days o rising gas prices, americans hunker down in homes this presidents' day,
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heating that home is going to get more expensive. maybe a lot more expensive. welcome i am neil cavuto, nothing said wenter like -- winter like bitter cold, and now soaring utility bills. this is spreading to every fascet of u.s. economy we're told that winter has weeks left, growing signs this evening this keeps up the same could be said of the recovery itself. phil, you follow this, what is going on? >> you know we had everything that could go wrong, go wrong. we had refinery issues, hurricane sandy, and refinery fires, this is around the country, on top of that because of fed fed policy, -- federal reserve policy the price of oil has gun up over $10 a barrel in under a month, that is a recipe
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for sharply rising prices. neil: normally that stuff creeps up in other areas not good. >> i actually am more amount mystic. -- optimistic, fuel costs represent about 4% of pretax income. i think that the consumer has lost that payroll tax credit, they are still spending they are not increasing it but they are maintaining their baseline. other thing that should bring optimism they are increasing level of nonrevolving borrowing, they are setting themselves up to purchase big ticket items, under the stats, give you a sense there is a left of consumer -- a level of consumer sentiment that is rising, they are a little bit better to make more big purchases. neil: good for you, i heard what monica said, i agree with a lot. but not a lot of wiggle room. you don't have a lot of latitude, with some rising fuel and other relate the prices if
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it continues ethen all bets are off? >> they are, and monica is right. look, there is an issue with regard to how things have improved. but you talk about psychogy of consumer, that is where we don't have wiggle room. a couple dollars higher in gas prices you can count this economy recovery quote, unquote, off, heating oil the same thing, phil said it they have been hotter than kate upton the last few weeks. but we have seen it get destroyed. i am upset here. neil: about kate u upton or the- >> with both. >> i agree with monica and about kate, but that is a benefit
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defendant story, at the end of day there is no thing like gas prices that can kill the momentum. we paying most for gasoline prices since the 1980s, that is hurting the average perjury, you take away their payroll tax holiday, now they pay more for gasoline, this is the time of year they bran plan their spring breaks, that is not going to happen with prices at this level. i agree until now we've overcome this they have been spending money. but i think that prices are going to break a little bit. but if not soon follow have a devastating impact on travel industry this year, a lot of people will stay home, staycasions, you know they look at cost to fill up a gas tank they are not going to go anywhere. neil: monica there is a 6
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second argument. the cold of winter. the exception of that is enough to put a cloud on the future of the economy. >> i do disagree. not it bring up a cold blanket, we have had unsig unseason abilm winters last few years, we're evening out a little bit, put it in perspective. neil: like 500 degrees below zero in new york today. >> my friends in texas tell me it was 80. neil: that is where it should be 80 degrees. >> let's not have a hissy fit. neil: i suspect what is going on, scott, will represent more than a hissy fit. for example, a lot of people in the population centric cities start pulling back a little bit.
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>> like new york and chicago, the number that monica through out for national average is correct, but i don't see those numbers, major population centers are 50-cents higher that is why a lot of your -- that is where a lot of your spending, is that hurts, wage growth is nonicitiononexistence. neil: let's go with nature rally spike a bit too long in the tooth or with cold weather, run-up, it might come down once trading resumes. so things do stabilize, problem get tgoes by the way side? >> there is no way they can keep going up like this, pretty soon we would be paying with our paycheck, the end is near for the price spike. there is some optimism down the road, the refineries that are
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down are going to come on-line, if you want to talk about the most optimistic thing with u.s. economy. our future has never been brighter, because ofny product technique, we're producing more oil in this country, the biggest jump in oil production since before civil war, we have a bright future. but the problem is infrastructure, getting that oil to where it needs to be, to the refinery. you know this may be the end of an era of the hh prices, but it will take a few years. but i'm optimistic in the future, with gasoline prices we will not have these conversations like we've had for the last 10 years every spring. neil: monica, next thing is to prevent us from getting access to oil like the dust up over keystone pipeline, but the bigger message for us, i know as a percentage of our income we are spending less on energy now, because of some phenomenon you alluded to.
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when it jumps, it's something else taking from sending? is something else taken from spending? do we adapt we suffer for retail sales, and in other areas. >> department stores are seeing highest level of sales they have seen in since 2012. and i think that when luke at the core -- >> that is just one year. >> department stores -- i'm very pepessimistic, i say thing are terrible. but take a step back, i feel more optimistic, i'm not saying this is going to be a stellar year, but the tumor is gone, the patient is stable rising it is not as bad as it could be, bottom line this is what i'm saying, that is how we recover. and get to a place of normalcy. i think we have to stop asking for an accelerated world.
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neil: i think we're long past that. thank you very much. i'll see n a bit. who knew this frigid weather could get so mone many environmentalisting hot and bothered. turns out this is global warming too. who knew. >> and video that is now going viral, our debt continues to spiral out of control, the legend who is busting a move, because he said, it is worth it, and washington is busted. so he is moving. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card
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neil: the global warming push in freezing cold, protesters in dc urging president to react fast to climate change. marching in frigid weather is not helping their cause,
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caroline heilman and ron meyer are here, kelly, you think a case was not choosing the best background. >> i think that protesters should take a break g home, -- go home, and look up information, the science is by no mean settled, 31,000 scientists have signed a petition saying that caing thatc -- coa catastrophic climbal chae is not happening. neil: protesting in middle of an arctic blast, hardly helps the cause, or do they? >> i think that optics are bad,
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they want to have this narrative, where if it is cold, it is global warminger if it is warm it global warming or climate change, whatever they want to use, the sign is that liberal governments like norway are saying the science is not settled. they have not said that the study, is over estimated co 2 impact on clim climate, we needo have a discussion. before we do what these protesters want that sim ploding our -- that is imploding our economy. putting policies in place that hurt the people who are looking for jobs. >> this is known 98% of climatologists, agree that
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climate change is happening, your viewers are smarter perhaps than panel, they know difference between climate, which is long-term change, and weather. neil: what are these 31,000 who say it is not an issue, are they gabons? who are they? >> those who believe that climate change is not human-made, everyone agrees it is happening. they have published, at half rate of those in 98% who believe ithat it is happening and human-made,. neil: wait, so by publishing more you have instance scientific street cred? >> who are the publishers. >> it does mean you -- >> i don't know, i don't know. >> we're not the ones saying -- >> two books not 50 books, i like to think those two books made up for the quality. my only point is that is a silly
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argument, to say, you get published more, instantly that makes it -- >> neil, you asked who they were. neil: fair. >> who is get -- who are liberal universities givin graft grants, of course, it is those who say it exists. it used to be global cooling. neil: you say it is covered both ways. >> they always change the verbage to justify liberal mechanisms to put in place, that is always a narrative, we forget that. neil: ron, something is going on. you can make argument for extreme weather patterns, with sandy, and storms and you know unexpected blizzards. i always think, it is winter after all, you will get this. but i am not a climatologist,
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you chalk it up to what? >> i chalk it up to that, it is weather patterns, it was just said, that weather patterns do not have anything to do with climate change, it is pull pattern, conservatives and folks to are sceptics are not the ones saying that is a result of that we. biggest and most respected scientific in the world, they came up with the they verge estimated one big variable, soil ar activity, they -- solar activity, they forgot to factor in the big ball of fire in the sky, of course, that controls
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temperatures, this is not a climate science at all, it is more of a religion, we need to have an o objective discussion n that,. neil: caroline this begs a question to the 68 som 68 odd wt on the climate change. >> it has gone to a variety of programs but not enough. neil: that not enough? >> we're talking about catastrophic, what we're experiencing right now. neil: where has that money gone to? >> for breaks for clean energy, and local programs for transportation, all of which cut down on our addiction to fossil fuel, 2010, 11, and 12 have been hottest years on record. >> what?
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>> superstorm sandy and other superstorms have doubled in last 15 years. neil: i read a prompter on tv, i think that qualified me as an expert. if this proves to be coldest winter, it is not done yet, in 20 something odd years, does that jive with warmest global temperaturesn the last 3 years? can you spill have your environmental cake and eat it too. >> absolutely. we're talking about difference between weather and climate, it is not going to be cold. >> no matter the weather it is climate change. neil: i love you, but you cannot win. >> neil let me answer. neil: don't yell at me. >> well, sorry, i'm -- a lot of people talking, i know you area sweetie, nile. the fact is it traps when we have climate change or global warming, what we have is mor
11:20 pm
moisture in the air, we're going so see more extreme weather storms, you know thunderstorms, rain and et cetera, it is basic science. neil: what happens? >> this is basic science, we can agree this is not settled, this should be by no means used as a justification for holding up -- what you are doing is political. >> we're holding up 20,000 jobs that could be created at keystone pipeline but we're hold thawpg for disputed science, -- holding that up for disputed science, two of these of u thref us on this panel -- >> we hold up economic progress for the sake of unsettled science. neil: this debate rages forever. but we'll watch. thank you to all you. >> in the meantime, the video that is going viral with message to both parties, the pav party s
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over. >> higher taxes, lower standard of living, more debt, what is going on in washington is truly outrageous, it is time to shake things up. ♪ ♪
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>> we can't grow our economy and have a prosperous america with debt growing that fast. >> that will impact young people the most, power jobs, higher taxes, a lower standard of livinger more debt, what is going on in washington is
11:25 pm
outrageous, it is time to shake things. >> you got to get -- ♪ do the rall harlem shake ♪ neil: dave walker, is the guy, and alice rivlin next to him, they destroy their stellar international reputation for a good cause, this is made up by the group, kick the can back. the same group that released a video of allen simpson going gang nam style, they are doing the harlem shake, making a point to do something, do it now. dave, i didn't know you were such a great dancer.
11:26 pm
i did not know you would go to such gre lengths to wake people up, i am glad you did. >> i'm trying to say that things are out of control in washington. we have got to do things differently, i am using special tactics to wake we'll up, and you know the fact is our country is at risk. the future for young people in particular. i was happy to come together to get this done, it was unusual. neil: now part of the bipartisan -- you know out control debt, with alice rivlin here before the video was made she said we need more revenues in the mix, you said year you are not against it but we have to address underlying spending problems. you are quite far apart? >> we are not, we're in agreement, we have a short-term problem, a structural problem. 3 drivers of are deficits are not being addressed,
11:27 pm
demographics, retiree every day, hole care costhealth care cost,d tax system. the revenue needs to come through comprehensive tax reform, so far they have not dealt with the three drivers of our deficits. and it is time. neil: they need -- your point is doing a video like this. waking people up, and maybe through a bit of hum hume tor bg younger people into the discussion, i am wondering about lack of fallout wead when allen simpson did his own kick the can dance, there was nothing to come of it. do you fear that will be a curious, youtube event. but,ot nothing will come of it? >> this is linked to something else, i'm also one of national cofounders of no-labels, no budget no pay, and founder of come back america.
11:28 pm
this is linked to no dial,-break concept -- no deal-no break concept, congress is out this week, congress has planned to take a two week spring break, and a week for every federal holiday, and a month off in august, it is time they work full time until we have a fiscal deal that deals with those three drivers, no deal, no break. neil: they are worried about automatic sequestration cuts that come in 12 i dos, bu 12 dao your point, it can't be that much of an emergency for them. >> those sequester cuts are going to happen, unless and until there is an agreement of a framework that will involve greater deficit reduction, heavily weighted toward spending, including mandatory spending on the table and comprehensive tax reform. neil: what does that tell you,
11:29 pm
looking at this that is so draconian and sweeping and painful, they are barely skimming the surface, if they are so difficult, then, what is going to happen when we have to address the stuff you are talking about. >> this tells you how bad the system is broken, it dominated by career politicians, wings of two reported parties, special interests, we need more leadership from the president. i was disappointed with the president's state of the union address, he had an opportunity to talk about the economy, jobs, fiscal responsibility, and equity all of those were important we need things to short-term and address structural. >> he forgot about the structural stuff and double down onned spending he has been known for. the debt and these deficits that are compounding are not an issue to him. >> the truth is, neil, that government has grown too big,
11:30 pm
promised too much it needs to fundamentally restructure, the last thing we can do no matter how merer toiourer merit, it isa course correction. neil: david walker thank you very much. >> great to be with you. neil: o companies pay billion in taxes, and they are still evil, right, facebook pays zero in taxes, the news are not in taxes, the news are not hearing about hypocrisy you today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe?
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neil: just call on, the man behind facebook, booky zero in taxes although it earned a billion, i bucks last year, it is looking at a refund for, that results in this, nada to washington. zilch. zero, zippo. is mark zuckerberg getting a break that has alluded oil companies and so many fortune 500 companies, not because of who he is, but mainly who he likes, barack obama? it stands out. >> you hit on head you talk about how president has special companies he dos goes after with complexity in the loopholes and tax code, always the oil
11:34 pm
companies, but you see companies like facebook, and green companies getting pre preference capitapreferentialtreatment. like solyndra. neil: the energy companies collectively pay highest amount of taxing but highest corporate tax rate, period. and yet there is an a am over whether they are yield a few million more afternoon tens of billions they pay is the issue, when some. >> this points to how our presidencies tax code, not actually as a mechanism to raise revenues and fund legitimate services and government, it is a tool for his own social agenda. a tool for social a warfare. he wants to pay out to different
11:35 pm
energy companies, look at his state of the union, in same breath he esscoreiates loopholes, he has more of preferential treatment for his own green energy companies, interesting he says we have a broken tax code, and then proposed same treatment for companies he sees at beneficial to his social agenda. neil: maddi, you follow washington better than i do. a had a group of people here, they talked about president's proposal to hike minimum wage, that will hit them buzz they have to pay, -- because they have to pay, reminded of fact that is same president and claim congress that upped their regulation, and costs and fees. this is latest insult to a gre dial odealof financial injury bs
11:36 pm
not stop. >> you have president still tracking about ally leaguered -- beleaguered economy and questioning where we've gone wrong. where we've gone wrong with are his policies. you are right with the regulation problem. small businesses are getting crunched every day, not only by the growing side of government, but what government is doing to them, telling them how to run their businesses, as we've seen small business owners ma nears s entrepreneurs are much better at doing it themselves. neil: thank you, made. >> thank you, neil. neil: if the cuts come, -- this will follow. >> it will cost 750,000 jobs. >> hurts our military family. >> 10,000 teacher jobs. neil: we interrupt the end of
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neil: think about this, 11 days until the cuts come crashing down. set to hit if congress does not get to work. but congress is not getting to work, they are on vacation for next week. former massachusets senator, and i'm happy to say fox news contributor scottrown, with this message. if this is such a big deal, should they not be working on it like it were a big deal. what is going on. >> you know why we went into this sequestration, a year ago we were trying to avoid default paying our bills, we came up
11:40 pm
with a draconian measure, that no one thought would be implemented. they have had over a year to get down to, they had one selected committee that failed. harry ride could bring this -- harry reid could bring this up and could have been working on it from day one, they have done the dog and pony show, with political theater of joint chiefs coming and everyone saying oh, this is terrible, this is terrible, and then they go on vacion, bottom line, they have been elected to do a job, and solve the problems, what do they do? they go onacation. they should have immediately been brought back. with all of the stuff going on with north africa, and syria and afghanistan, and other hot areas, what are they focused on? who are they going do layoff? how are they going to be laid off?
11:41 pm
when about contractual obligations, and union obligations, is it payback after in terms of us paying fines. neil: who came up with it? you were there. the president said, it was really a republican creation, and republicans say it was the president's creation. i remember covering it at the time. i was not in the seams of it, as you were, but it was like for both sides a back up backbone. like if we can't agree, maybe these cuts held in reserve will be there to make us come up with cuts. >> always the obama administration plan, harry reid, and mitch mcconnell saying we're going to get this done, we're make sure we satisfy credit rating agents, and this will never happen, because we're going to get a committee together, and we're going to work on it and make the cuts more judicous, we're cutting a half trillion in military budget to think we're cutting another halfrillion, i agree with
11:42 pm
secretary panetta this is devastating and will leave us vulnerible in many different areas. area. neil: talk about 85 billion that come up in a couple weeks, whatever merits of your argument, if that is considered really tough to do, that is considered really draconian to even thi of doing. then when we have to put the peddle to metal and look at across board cuts how do we do that? >> listen, a great point, i agree with you. this is only the beginning. we have gun cutting and have cut about a half trillion, here is the key. >> over 10 years. >> thank you. >> majority lead cher give this task to -- leader should give this tact to the committees.
11:43 pm
majority leader should send this to committees, and say we need to cut x, this is your job, go through your committee top to bottom review of every program you are responsible for, come up with those cuts, let everyone have skin in the game, they are not doing that, they don't go throughapprop crying committees or budgeting committees, they go with bridge it up next week when they come up with vacation, and harry reid will come up with a great title, the save the military, and save the world bill, and if you don't vote on it, you basically "hate america." it will take more hard working oumoney out of hard working men and women. this is unacceptable, they need to make those hard decisions in a thoughtful judicous manner, they should be at work right now. neil: and not, scott brown thank you. >> thank you. >> former of social security said that the program is surge, said that the program is surge, and wassurge, and washington is look, if you have copd like me,
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neil: talk about going out with a badge, the guy who -- with a bang, the guy who ran social security until last week, say it is running out of time and maybe money. baby boomers tapping out th sys. mr. stru.kru, welcome. >> thank you. neil: you attack both parties for ignoring this mess. not dealing with something they
11:48 pm
could. years ahead of the fact and continuing this idea of washington do the addressing something until iti plodes, what do you think is going to happen in interim. years out is your worry. but along the way? >> well, i think there is a short-term trigger, all focus on combined fund but disability trust fund will run out in 2016, that is three years away, congress will be forced to act or allow fairly substantial cuts for disability beneficiaries went three years, i think there will be a little bit more momentum toward doing something. but unfortunately, there is a typical washington dynamic, where i think that left wanties to do it with higher taxes and want toes see republicans, create -- wants to see republicans create political damage by coming in and arguing for cuts, it is a stalemate. unlike the old days, i don't
11:49 pm
think they are capable of resolving this through normal process. in my view we need a simpson simp -- simpson-bowles type commission. neil: good luck with that one. i asked, what do you do whether your warning came out. he said just let cap on salary. make it limitless. my only point in response was so address nothing in the underlying expenditures of social security just raise taxes, he said, well yeah, what do you make of that? >> a trendy but -- idea, but are talking about net present value on range of $9 trillion, that is it would -- it is a crippling
11:50 pm
burden on the younger generation for their benefit. >> how so? explain. >> i think all higher taxes it comes out particularly out of the small business that take the brunt from health care reform, now there is propose proposal to adminmum wage, at some point, you package those two things together with lifting fica cap, it will be difficult to operate a small,. neil: i see, but, another measure often talked about raising the retirement age itself. how do you feel about that? >> well, i think has to be on the table. look at a lot of nation's and european union, when their fiscal crisis hit, most of them did do something raising of the retirement age. to some extent, you know it is a good thing. something to celebrate because we're living a lot longer, the
11:51 pm
same amount of money paid into the sim is not going to support these much longer retirements. neil: you broached that subject, it would create hell, you know, any of the options like raise retirement age, means testing it with exception of just hiking taxes, that is the latest flavor, that solves everything, no one is of a mind set to do anything constructively. >> i agrow but that goes back to my proposal at outset, unless there is a process, not an ideal process, in best of all words we would not have to resort to the gimmicks, but this is a disfunctional congress. if we have any chance of dealing with it. we have to one of these commissions, put together, and you know unlike simpson-bowles there was a report, and congress
11:52 pm
did not pay attention, it needs a provision where it automatically goes to the floor of the congress, i think that is only way that the congress of today will make the complicated trade offs, i's great to say that but i believe. neil: you were appointed by president bush. did this president, ever raise a possibility of extending your tenure? or does he want his own person? or do you know who they might be? do you know whether they share your concerns ? >> i stepped down last wednesday. there is a deputy commissioner acting, unle president bush, who nominated me more than 4 months before the head of my predecessor's term, there is no nominee yet. and i gather they are still in early stages, there are people campaigning, very visibly from far left of that debate, who
11:53 pm
deny there is a problem. an characterize it is minor tweets, i am hope na hoping that president the not head in this direction, but we don't need someone who'll say there is no problem. or only minor tweaks, that is not true. neil: thank you, michael this nationos you a great debt of gratitude for calling it like you seeing it not taking side of this issue, recognizing severity of this problem. we have time to act if we wise up and do act. i just hope people liz en to what you say -- listen to what you say, i hope i'm wrong if you. >> well, you have to try to speak up thank you, neil. >> all right michael. the man who spelled out problems that a lot of people on the right and left still choose to ignore, he did not. >> all right. it turns out that russians were tracking skies for meteors, they
11:54 pm
just missed the one that hit them. and we were on top of the asteroid we saw coming but missed us. we got lucky because than more get past us, the u.n. is on the case. why this time, i say, you know, why this time, i say, you know, that's good, finally the right with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button? did you know not all fiber is the same? citrucel is different- it's the only fiber for regularity that won't cause excess g. it's gentle and clinically proven to help restore and maintain regularity.
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siemens. answers. neil:, going to sound crazy. this is something finally the united nations i think should be doing. protecting the citizens of birth. the u.n. is now gathering the world's finest minds to prevent another intergalactic kick in the asteroid. between the one that came close and did not hate and the mir that kimmel lo more than close and did it, the folks who hold endless meetings of issues that don't really matter are finally focusing on a very real threat to mankind that does , namely the extension. i say finally a constructive use of the u.s. time. to my panelists agree?
11:57 pm
>> i do. we agree on this issue. it may be the two of us have just watched one too many movies. i think this needs a global response. hundred and 50 gets the next 100 years and maybe even more once nasa starts scanning. need to do something preventive. the problem is that once we kw and ask for is going to hit or a near earth objects is going to hit, it's too late, so it really does require prior planning. the un is the ideal body to do that. >> i don't hold out much hope for this human body. they could not even run an oil for free program without mass corruption and inefficiency. i hardly think they can stop and ask for it. that being said they agreed this is a welcome departure from what they usually do. criticizing u.s. foreign policy. we provide funds for one-fourth of the u.n. function. criticizing israel. destroy an asteroid instead of israel. welcome response.
11:58 pm
neil: teeseven the conference will succeed at this? >> i think i disagree with reagan. the nine scary stories and the english-language are i am from the u.n. and i am here to help. no-confidence. i would rather send consoles vote than the un. neil: added you know that was their first choice? you can basically predicted will work. something that does not make sense. and not that confident. i think the united states can worry about its own affairs and make sure that we are protected. a dramatic steps to ensure estrin is the as to its we're doing our citizens a disservice which has been totally dysfunctional and absolutely worthless. neil: i love you dearly. you're not saying the hell with belgium and that we will protect ourselves from an asteroid. he have to think this through.
11:59 pm
i am of frequent critic. this is a legal nation's. it should be focused on protecting the people of first. a greater threat than something coming from space and obliterating the. this begs the question whether they come up with and whether the spend money on and the benefits. do you think taking a pass that sort of stuff? >> most decisions at the un, it will benefit the united states more than most other nations. it will be at the forefront of that with nasa and technological capabilities. the u.n. has done exactly what it set out to do, humanitarianism and peacekeeping. tell the kids in somalia and haiti that the un has been ineffective, the refugees to get -- seek asylu
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